Volt and HERE Join Efforts to Help Reduce Istanbul's Traffic with Navigation and On-demand Ridesharing

Do you drive a car in Istanbul? Chances are you’re among the 80% out there that drive every day with 4 empty seats. With 8 out of 10 cars in traffic having only the driver, car occupancy in Istanbul is below just 1.2.


Volt Raises 550$k led by Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP) with the participation of Saned Partners.

We’re glad to announce the closing of a 550$k seed round led by Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP) and Saned Partners. The main objective of this round is to scale operations and product development in Istanbul, accelerate the driver user base growth and launch to passengers.


Presenting the Campus Entrepreneurship Program

Are you deciding between a Startup vs Corporate Career path?

Lead a startup launch on your campus with up to 10.000₺ of marketing budget!


The Campus Entrepreneurship Program is a 4-month program that provides top students at universities in Istanbul the opportunity to:

  1. Lead a real-life entrepreneurship case study
  2. Learn how to launch an unconventional product
  3. Be a part of Istanbul’s startup ecosystem


Earn back your driving expenses with a single tap!

The traffic, the hills, the gas prices, the parking, and the list goes on. But, one thing is for sure - driving in Istanbul is an equation with multiple variables. With each passing day, we face more and more distractions in traffic. So, our goal with Volt 3.0 was to make sure that Volt does not distract but rather benefits your driving experience. In other words, your life will be easier when you drive with Volt. Volt’s new features make it even simpler and faster to share your ride. Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and let Volt work for you. 😉


Volt 3.0 makes commuting easier!

Let’s first recall that Volt aims to make transportation in Istanbul easier, more comfortable, and more affordable. Volt allows you to get to where you’re going in the comfort and convenience of a car even if you do not own a car. What’s more is that you can now do this in real-time whenever you need. You can find a car going in your direction at the single tap of a button. And keep in mind, the price you will pay is an added bonus - much more affordable than other alternatives.  

More convenient and more affordable. What are you waiting for?!


Solving Traffic in Istanbul

Is it possible?

Almost 2 years ago, the Volt team was scattered around Istanbul with one strong common complaint.

“Once again, it took me 2 hours to get home.” “There is a car accident on TEM. I’m not going to be able to make it to dinner.” “I spend most of my life with fellow public transportation commuters.” Anyone who lives in Istanbul has heard these or similar assertions.

But when we took a second to look at the cause of traffic, we started noticing the sheer number of privately owned cars. In order to create sustainable change, we must reduce the absolute number of cars on the roads. This is the only way to overcome the traffic situation in Istanbul.


Everyone in Istanbul deserves a nice ride!

Nice means convenient, affordable, and enjoyable!

11 million people commute every day in Istanbul. 3 million using their personal cars, and 8 million using public transportation. 80% of the people driving their own car are doing that alone, with 4 empty seats.

But wouldn’t it be great if you were able to join someone’s ride, and just help them pay for their ride’s cost? That would be really affordable, and at the same time fun and convenient!


Earn 3 gifts in 1 week!


Just by driving in Istanbul  

We are here for anyone who inevitably considers the time spent in traffic as a waste. wink

By turning the time you spend in traffic into little surprises, we hope to reduce your frustration by at least a little bit. We reward you for every KM you drive, no strings attached. Volt’s Miles Program was designed entirely as a way to reward those who drive in Istanbul.


Your Favorite Locations and Trending Destinations

At Volt, simplicity is a priority. We have been working to make your experience even easier so that drivers are not distracted while on the road. This is what lies at the core of Volt’s “Start Driving” feature. Drivers can take advantage of Volt with just the tap of a single button, without make any changes to their daily routine or losing time choosing between different options. After all, our goal is to make driving in Istanbul easier.


A Special Miles Shop for Drivers

For the past few weeks, we have focused on bringing new improvements to Volt’s Driver mode. Among these the one that excites us most and that we continue to develop is the Miles Shop. We opened the Miles Shop for everyone who has been supporting ridesharing in Istanbul by driving with Volt. We hope that you will enjoy the gifts as a token of our appreciation.


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